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I'm Baba Brinkman, a Canadian rap artist who recently relocated to New York. For the past few years I've been recording and releasing hip-hop albums that tackle complex subjects. My "rap guide" series has so far covered Evolution, Human Nature, Business, Wilderness, Medicine and Religion, and my next one will be about Climate Change.

Each of these albums requires pretty intense research and consultation with experts in the field, followed by several months of writing and refining the information into the catchiest, funniest, most emotionally resonant rap songs I can muster, followed by studio sessions to record everything just right. I work with awesome producers, engineers, sessions musicians, and vocalists (all of whom have to get paid) in order to create rap albums that are both informationally and conceptually rich, as well as sonically beautiful. The goal is to make you think at the same time as you nod your head to the beat and get right into the groove and the flow of each track.

I love bringing the world's best ideas to the masses via hip-hop, and to allow me to keep producing these records and cover all my recording costs, I'm launching this subscriber service on Bandcamp, which is where most of my fans get my music. All of my back catalogue is available on a pay-what-you-like basis. The basic plan is just $2.50 per month, which would get you instant download of five of my previous "rap guide" albums, plus exclusive access to new releases before the general public gets to hear them, as well as discounts on merch and inclusion in my subscriber-only content feed. Higher tiers come with additional bonuses like free entry to my live shows and CDs and T-Shirts mailed to you.

Please subscribe, download my music, and share it widely. It's guaranteed to expand your mind while it moves your feet.

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